Apportionment & Taxation

Judy Szewczyk(R),  Chairman

James R. Butler (D)
Shirley A. Miani (D)
Howard Bradshaw (R)
Rose M. Pertoso (D)
Carlo Malerba, Jr. (D)
Sabatino Pollastro, Jr. (R)
Phyllis L. Sochrin (R)
Christopher Carloni (R)
Raymond Bower (R)

Derby's Board of Apportionment and Taxation is elected by the citizens of Derby every two years. This board is an at large board meaning members can reside in any ward and residents in all city wards vote for the people to represent them on this board. This board must have minority representation with no more than six (6) members of the board coming from the same political party. This board is responsible for monitoring the finances of the city on a regular basis. They also are responsible for adopting the annual municipal budget and tax rate.

Adopted Preliminary 2016-2017 Budget


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