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Office Hours
Monday,Tuesday Wednesday 8:30am-5 pm
Thursday 8:30am-6pm
Friday 8:30am-12:30pm

Need specific Building Official's attention, call 203-736-1481, at least 48 hours in advance, for appointments and availability.


Carlo Sarmiento                                                                                                  
Building Official                                                                                  

Zoning Enforcement Agent                                                               
Inland-Wetland Enforcement Agent                                              
Blight Enforcement Agent 
ADA Coordinator

ADA Coordinator Certificate


Lisa Narowski  
Building Department Secretary

Facilities Inspectors:

Andy Cota

Jim Watson

Mission Statement 

To provide high quality, efficient and comprehensive services through technology, communications and professionalism to ensure continuing enhancement of the quality of life for our taxpayers.

A complete set of the Zoning Regulations may be purchased from the Finance Department at City Hall. 

For reference purposes only, you can now view the City Zoning Regulations on-linehere

You can now view the City Zoning Map - here

The Valley Council Of Governments GIS Map Service allows internet users to obtain property assessment information as well as zoning, environmental, and planimetric data. Click here to access the maps.

Pool Regulations - for reference purposes only
167-12-167-27 Garbage Ordinance

Fence Regulations - for reference purposes only
2012 IRC Summary of Some Code Changes
ARC - F-fault and Ground Fault Requirement for Dwelling Units
New Single Family Home Construction Application Checklist 
Deck Guidelines

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