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Certificates & Fees

Birth Certificates

Birth certificates are confidential and only those persons whose name appears on the certificate (mother, father or person themselves – over the age of eighteen) are entitled to receive copies with the proper identification.

Grandparents can also obtain copies with the proper identification and proof of relationship (if you are a paternal grandparent your son’s name must be on the certificate in order to obtain a copy).

Legal court appointed guardians must provide original papers stating so.

Step parents are not allowed to obtain records.

Legal court order for a change of name can be obtained from the Probate Court in the town which you reside, once the order is granted you must bring the originals to the Town Clerk Office where the birth occurred so that the record can be amended.

When coming into the office you must present a photo ID (Driver License or Passport) or two other forms as stated on the application.

When writing in for a Birth Certificate, you give your name at the time of your birth, date of birth, Mother’s maiden name and father’s name. Enclose the appropriate fees. Again if you do not have photo identification, you must give other forms of identification. Requests will not be filled without the proper identification and the proper enclosed fee.

Birth Certificate Payments

When appearing in person at the Town Clerk’s Office, please note that CASH and Credit Cards are accepted for Certified Copies of Birth Certificates. The fee is $20 and if paying with a credit card there is a $2 service fee.

When applying by mail for a Certified copy of a Birth Certificate, please note that a Money Order made payable to the City of Derby is accepted. Credit Cards are also accepted by mail, you must complete and include a credit card authorization form.

Applications for Copy of Certificates

Birth Certificate Application - Instructions for Birth Certificate by Mail
Marriage Certificate Application
Death Certificate Application
Credit Card Authorization Form

Marriage Licence Information


Births, Marriage, and Death Certified Copies Fees

Birth Certificate Certified Copy (long form) - $20.00

Marriage License required to get married - $30.00 
Marriage Certificate Certified Copy - $20.00

Death Certificate Certified Copy - $20.00
Burial Permit - $3.00
Cremation Permit - $3.00


Disclaimer: The documents posted here are for informational purposes only. Though every effort is made to ensure that they are up to date, you should also contact the proper department to ensure that they are current. Some departments may accept the documents as presented here, but others may require that you pick up a form directly from them. Please be advised that some of these files are quite large and will take some time to download if you do not have a broadband connection.

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