Derby Greenway

Linking two rivers, three cities and six bridges!

Phase III Construction was completed spring, 2013


Phase III is open - Click here to read the DPH fact sheet


Nation Park Service Promotes Naugatuck River Greenway

These cyclists completed a 56 mile bike trip from Torrington to Derby to promote the Naugatuck River Greenway.



Greenway Gets Environmental & Historical Signage


Etiquette on the Greenway

Animal ban on Greenway

The Derby Board of Aldermen recently passed an ordinance banning animals (not including service dogs) on the Derby Greenway. The ban took effect on Sunday, April 15, 2012.

The language in the ordinance includes:

  • No person shall take domestic or exotic animals onto the Greenway. Animals including but not limited to dogs, cats, birds, snakes, rodents, and horses.
  • Any violation of the rules and regulation of this Ordinance may be enforced by the City of Derby Police
  • Department, by citation and fine in the amount of $75.00, or any other fine as allowed by law.

The City of Derby urges all users to display common sense and common courtesy in using the Greenway. Some general guidelines:

  • All City of Derby laws are enforced
  • Trails are open from sunrise to sunset.
  • Be courteous and predictable to other trail users at all times
  • Motorized vehicles are not permitted except motorized wheelchairs
  • Patrons are encouraged to walk or jog with a companion.
  • Keep right, always pass on the left, giving audible warning to pedestrians, skaters and other bicyclists
  • Bicyclist, skaters, and skate boarders must always yield the right of way to pedestrians.
  • Protective gear, including helmets, is encouraged.
  • Trail speed limited to 8 mph
  • Maintain single file when others are within 100'
  • Alcohol is prohibited on trails in park systems.
  • Please do not litter. Pack out more than you pack in.
  • Small children should not be left unattended on the trail.
  • It is unlawful to remove, destroy, or damage any plant life or property.

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The Derby Greenway was officially opened with a dedication on Derby Day - June 25, 2006. At that point in time, the 1.7 mile trail was completely open from Main and Bridge Street to Division Street. 

The Greenway Plaza with the restored fountain and Hall of Fame. Click here for the history of the fountain.

Brick Orders for 2015


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