Parks & Recreation Commission

Andrew Cota, Chairman                     Veterns Memorial Community Center


James Butler Sr. - BOAT
John Monahan
Beverly Moran
Ron Sill
James Benanto - Vetern

Invited Non-Voting Participants

Dennis O'Connell - Recreation Director
Racheal Artaiz - Athletic Director Derby High School (Vice President)


Veterans Memorial Community Center


§ 7-18.  Activities.

 The  activities  carried  on in  the  Veterans  Memorial Community   Center  located  at Fifth  and Olivia  Streets   shall  herem after  be  conducted   and  supervised  · by  the  Parks  and  Recreation Comnrission  acting by and though the Parks and Recreation Director.


Parks & Recreation Commission


§ 7-81.  3 year term, Appointed by Mayor  and  Approved by the Board Of Alderman
 (7) members, no more than 5 from the same party

  • Recreation Director, Athletic Director DHS shall serve as ex officio mbrs w/no voting rights
  • 1 member from BOAT (term concurrent w/BOAT term)
  • 1 member shall be a Vetern who resides in Derby 
  • 1 member from BOAT (concurrent w/BOAT   term)
  • Successors are a 3 Year term.
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