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May 7, 2015 (7:00 PM)

A note from Mayor Dugatto

Derby is located in the Housatonic River Watershed meaning its ponds, streams, wetlands, and other waterways drain directly into the Housatonic River. The water that passes through the city’s storm drain system – clean or not - also ends up in the river.

Nearly everyone thinks water pollution is caused by industry. In the past, most of it was. But today, the #1 threat to rivers and ponds is untreated storm water runoff.

Each of our departments, boards, and commissions has the potential to positively impact the health, safety, and beauty of Derby’s natural environment.

Please join me for an interactive presentation on how we, as citizens and decision-makers, can be proactive in minimizing the threat to our local waterways.


Thursday, May 7, 2015


Joan Williamson Aldermanic Chambers, Derby City Hall


Special Guests

  Lynn Werner, Executive Director
Housatonic Valley Association
  Carol Haskins, Outreach Director
Pomperaug River Watershed Coalition

Lynn Werner, Executive Director & Carol Haskins, Outreach Director

Pomperaug River Watershed


Refreshments will be served



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