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Building Plan Review



Pursuant section 29-263 of the Connecticut General Statues, which is as follows:


Sec. 29-263. Permit to construct or alter.  After October 1, 1970 no building or structure shall be constructed or altered until an application has been filed with the building official and a permit issued. Such permit shall be issued or refused, in whole or in part, within thirty days after the date of an application.  No permit shall be issued except upon application of the owner of the premises affected or       the owner’s authorized agent. No permit shall be issued to a contractor who is required to be registered pursuant to chapter 400, for work to be performed by such contractor, unless the name, business address and Department of Consumer Protection registration number of such contractor is clearly marked on the application for the permit, and the contractor has presented such contractor’s certificate of registration as a home improvement contractor. Prior to the issuance of a permit and within said thirty-day period, the building official shall review the plans of buildings or structures to be constructed or altered, including, but not limited to, plans prepared by an architect licensed pursuant to chapter 390, a professional engineer licensed pursuant to chapter 391 or an interior designer registered pursuant to chapter 396a acting within the scope of such license or registration, to determine their compliance with the requirements of the State Building Code and, where applicable, the local fire marshal shall review such plans to determine their compliance with the State Fire Safety Code.  Such plans submitted for review shall be in substantial compliance with the provisions of the State Building Code and, where applicable, with the provisions of the State Fire Safety Code.


Coordination of Plan Review.  Section 29-263, C.G.S., Requires that the Building Official issue or refuse a permit within thirty (30) days after the date of the application.  In order to meet this statutory requirement plans shall be submitted to both the building official and the local fire marshal concurrently.

Pursuant section 29-292-4d of the Connecticut General Statutes, which is as follows:

Sec. 29-292-4e. Plan Submittal and Review.  Detailed plans and specifications for new structures and additions, renovations, or alterations to existing structures shall be submitted by the applicant to the Local Fire Marshal having jurisdiction to demonstrate compliance with Section 29-263 of the Connecticut General Statutes.

            Exception:  Detached one and two family dwellings.


Buildings, which fall under the Connecticut Fire Safety Code, include:

            A)     Places of assembly

            B)     Educational

            C)     Health care

            D)     Residential-except one and two family homes.  One and two family homes for the provisions of smoke detectors only.

            E)      Mercantile

            F)      Business

            G)     Industrial

            H)     Storage

   J)     Mixed Occupancies


Sec 29-292-5e Building Permit Approval: The local fire marshal shall provide to the local building official certification in writing prior to the issuance of a building permit that the construction documents for any building, structure or use subject to the requirements of the Connecticut Sates Fire Safety Code are in substantial compliance with the requirements of the Connecticut State Fire Safety Code. Because of the 30-day time limit imposed by section 29-263 of the Connecticut General Statutes, the fire marshal shall notify the building official of the degree of compliance within that time period.


Pursuant section 29-276c of the Connecticut General Statutes, which is summarized as follows:


Sec. 29-276c Architect or engineer to seal plans and specification:  Seal plans and specifications with the signature of design professional is required on construction documents and, the building official may require a seal and signature any time where special engineering is required to accomplish the project.


Plans and specifications submitted for review shall have the following information provided so a complete plan review can be done.


            A)     Complete set of plans and specifications should include:

                     1.      Name and or identification of project

                     2.      Exact location (street) of project

                     3.      Name and address of project designer

                     4.      Name and address of the submitter/owner of the project

                     5.      Type of construction

                     6.      Classification of occupancy (use of project)

                     7.      Occupant load of all areas designed to accommodate more than 50 persons and criteria by which it was computed

                     8.      All pertinent dimensions

                     9.      Location of all fire dampers and access doors in rated construction

                     10.    Automatic systems to be provided


            B)     Complete detailed drawings should include:

                     1.      Site plans

                     2.      Individual floor plans for all levels (dimensioned)

                     3.      Interior and exterior elevations

                     4.      Building section and details

                     5.      Wall sections and details

                     6.      Structural drawings and details

                     7.      Door and window schedule including hardware schedule

                     8.      Finish schedules floor (carpet certificates) and wall

                     9.      HVAC drawings and schedules where applicable

                     10.    Plumbing drawings and schedules

                     11.    Electrical drawings and schedules

                     12.    Sprinkler systems drawings, details and specifications along with hydraulic calculations

                     13.    Drawings and specifications of any special systems, e.g. hoods for removal of grease-laden, stairwell pressurization


                     14.    Fire alarm system drawings, details and specifications along with battery calculations

                     15.    Appropriate scales for each drawing or detail

                     16.    Key plan if necessary

                     17.    Date of drawings and revisions



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