Commission for the Elderly


Stacia Balko
Ron Sill
Marion Cafasso
Virginia Costigan
Michael McFarland
Shirley Erickson
Donald Klischer
Elizabeth Lally

Commission (on the Study of the Needs) for the Elderly

The Commission shall continuously study the condition and needs of elderly persons in the community in relation to housing, economics, employment, health, recreation, and other matters. It shall analyze the services for the elderly provided by the community, both by public and private agencies, and shall make recommendations to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen regarding the development and integration of public and private agencies, in cooperation with state and other services to the extent possible.

The Commission shall consist of seven members, all of whom shall be electors of the City.  The Mayor, subject to the approval of the Board of Aldermen, shall appoint the members.  They shall serve a term of two years. Four members shall constitute a quorum of the Commission.  The members of the Commission shall serve until their successors are designated and appointed.