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Birth Certificates


Birth certificates with birth years from 2002-present can be obtained at any Town Clerk's office in the State of Connecticut. If you were born prior to 2002, you must obtain the birth certificate from the Town Clerk's office in the town where the birth occurred. 

NOTE: The Department of Motor Vehicles in Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah will only accept birth certificates that are issued directly by the State of Connecticut Department of Public Health. Click Here for more information or to order from the State of Connecticut Department of Public Health.

Online Applications to Order Certified Copies of Vital Records

Birth Certificate Application

Original Birth Certificate of Adopted Person (Uncertified Copy Only)

Marriage Certificate Application - If you are already married

Death Certificate Application

Obtaining a Marriage License

Marriage License Application - If you want to get married in Derby - Call for Appointment

Justice of the Peace through January 2025 - Updated to 07-25-2023 

Fees for Vital Records

Birth Certificate - Long Form with Raised Seal - Certified Copy - $20.00 
Original Birth Certificate of Adopted Person - Uncertified Copy Only - $65.00
Marriage License - required to get married in the City of Derby - $50.00
Marriage Certificate - if you are already married - Certified Copy - $20.00  

Death Certificate - Certified Copy - $20.00

Postage - Regular Mail - $1.00
Postage - Priority Express USPS (1-2 day delivery) - $30.00
Burial Permit - $5.00
Cremation Permit - $5.00  

Accepted forms of payment for vital records are cash, money order (payable to the City of Derby), or credit cards (please note: additional service charges will apply for all credit card transactions). Personal checks are not accepted.

Who Can Request a Certified Copy of a Birth Certificate?

  • Birth certificates are confidential records and only those persons whose name appear on the certificate (parent/mother/father, or the person themselves who are over the age of 18) are entitled to receive copies with the proper identification.
  • Grandparents can also obtain copies with the proper identification and proof of relationship (ex. if you are the paternal grandparent, your son’s name must appear on your grandchild's birth certificate, and you must bring with you a certified copy of your son's birth certificate in order for us to prove your relation to your grandchild for you to obtain a copy).  
  • Court appointed Legal Guardians can also obtain a copy but must present a certified copy of the original court order awarding them "legal guardianship" along with proper identification.  
  • Step-parents and siblings are not allowed to obtain birth records. 
  • For additional eligible parties, refer to C.G.S section 7-51.

What Forms of Identification are Required?

*When coming into the office you must present a current/valid, government issued photo ID (Driver's License or Passport) OR TWO other forms of accepted identification (see below). 

*Requests will not be filled without a completed application form (including your name at time of birth and parent(s) name(s)), proper identification, and fees.


  • a valid, government issued photographic identification which includes the requester’s name, date of birth, signature, and an expiration date (i.e. Driver's License from any U.S. State or Passport). If the State or town vital records office has reason to doubt the authenticity of a document presented, the requester may be asked to provide additional documentation.


  • OR, TWO (2) Other forms of identification:  If a photographic identification is not available, TWO (2) of the documents listed below may be substituted. For mail requests, a photocopy of the document is sufficient, do not send the original: 
  1. Social security card
  2. Social security card supplemented with either an employment identification card, a paycheck stub or a W-2 form. 
  3. Automobile registration
  4. Copy of utility bill showing name and current address
  5. Checking account deposit slip or bank statement stating name and current address
  6. Voter registration card
  7. Valid government issued trade or professional license
  8. Valid government issued firearm permit
  9. Probation documents issued by a court or other government agency, pursuant to a criminal conviction
  10. Letter from a government agency verifying identity; the letter shall be dated within six months prior to the date of the request
  11. Release documentation from a correctional institution containing a photograph of the former inmate and a release date within 12 months prior to the date of the request
  12. Birth certificate of the requester
  13. Military discharge papers
  14. Current school or college photographic identification, or
  15. Government issued photographic identification that has expired within 12 months prior to the date of the request.


If you are requesting a birth certificate for someone other than yourself or your child, you will need to submit proof verifying your relationship to the person whose birth certificate you are requesting.  For example:

If you are requesting the birth certificate of your parent, you must also submit a copy of your own birth certificate in order to prove the parent/child relationship.

What If My Name or Current Address Has Changed?

  • If you have had a legal name change and your identification documents do not match the information on the birth certificate you are requesting, you must also submit a copy of the court order verifying the legal name change or a copy of your marriage certificate.
  • Legal name change documents can be obtained from the Probate Court in the town which you reside or where the legal name change order originally took place. If you were recently granted a Legal Name Change by the Probate Court, once the order is granted, you must bring an original certified copy of the order to the Town Clerk's Office where you were born so that the birth record can be amended.  
  • For questions regarding parentage, paternity, or adding a parent to an existing birth record, please contact the State of Connecticut Department of Public Health Parentage Division at (860) 509-7958 or Click Here for more information.
  • If you are requesting your birth certificate online or by mail and your current address does not match your identification documents, you must also submit a copy of a recent utility bill or lease showing your name and current mailing address.

Genealogical Societies Approved in CT - Click Here   


Disclaimer: The documents posted here are for informational purposes only. Though every effort is made to ensure that they are up to date, you should also contact the proper department to ensure that they are current. Some departments may accept the documents as presented here, but others may require that you pick up a form directly from them. Please be advised that some of these files are quite large and will take some time to download if you do not have a broadband connection.