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Attention Derby Commercial Property Owners & Brokers

Citiesense is the place to list your available Derby commercial properties.

Its open-access database will be visible to local and national business owners, brokers, developers, and anyone else interested in opening or relocating a business, or investing in a development project.

Visit Citiesense to find out how to list your property for FREE.

As demand for downtown development sites continues to rise in cities across the country, Citiesense will be a helpful tool in attracting investment opportunities to Derby. "
Mayor Anita Dugatto

The City of Derby has partnered with Citiesense , an exciting new Connecticut-based tech company, to support a real estate marketing web platform that encourages smart, equitable, and financially rewarding private market development outcomes. partnership_1.png

As a collaborative marketplace, Citiesense will promote projects that reflect Derby's planning initiatives and growth strategies, encourage a positive relationship between developers and the community, and facilitate inquiries by curating hard-to-find property data.

presentation_1.png Comprehensive in scope, Citiesense will feature interactive visualization tools to provide all users with a clear understanding of land use regulations, planning initiatives, incentives, and details about local real estate market activity. promote_1.png Click here to access Citiesense .  In addition to details on active projects, available sites and development opportunities, visitors can learn how to add their commercial property listings, FREE of charge, to the open-access database.