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       Annual Dog Licenses     

Dog License Application

Connecticut State Law requires that all dogs harbored in the state be licensed by the age of six months.  The license must be renewed every year while the dog is living.  Proof of a current rabies vaccination and spay/neuter certificate must be provided.

Annual fees are $8.00 for a spayed or neutered dog and $19.00 for a non-spayed or unneutered dog.  There is a $1.00 per month per dog late fee starting July 1st.

There are 3 convenient ways to license your dog:

EMAIL - 1. Email Credit Card Authorization Form, 2. current rabies certificate, and 3. Application, 4. Add $1.00 to CC Authorization for postage and envelope to: -


Mail 1. Send check, money order or Credit Card Authorization Form, 2. current rabies certificate, and 3. a self-addressed stamped envelope or  Add $1.00 for postage and envelope:

Mail - Marc J. Garofalo, MPA, CCTC, Town Clerk, Derby City Hall, 1 Elizabeth Street, Derby, CT 06418


ONLINE- Create a user ID at as a "pet owner",

Check your email to set up a password

Log in to with your password

Create your animal(s)' profile(s) following prompts,

Return to dashboard by clicking on your email under MEMBER navigation menu,

Upload the necessary spay/neuter and rabies vaccination records on each profile by clicking on profile icon,

Click "license your animal" on the left hand side and pay the licensing fee with a credit card or debit card.

Be sure to select the "Other >> City of Derby" option.

Fees include return postage.


Neutered Male or Spayed Female - $8.00
 Non Neutered or Non Spayed Male or Female - $19.00
 Late Fee - $1.00 per month for all late months.
 Kennel License - $50.00 for 10 tags.
 Guide Dogs – Free with presentation of certificate


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