Duties ROV

The Registrar of Voters office manages all elections’ processing in the City of Derby, by ensuring the accuracy of the voters registry list and preparedness of the election officials and voting tabulators, in accordance with the Ct State Statutes, per the Administration of the Secretary of the State.

Each year, the Registrar of Voters:

  • Maintain and update voter registration information with regard to address/name/party changes and communicate acceptances of these changes to voters;
  • Conduct annual canvass of voters each January through May 31;
  • Conduct a High School voter registration session before June;
  • Train election officials on their duties and responsibilities before each election;
  • Attend ROVAC and Secretary of the State Conferences to receive their continued education.

Goals and Objectives:

Our office will continue to educate voters on the use of the Optical Scan Tabulators in order to run smooth and successful Elections.