Parks & Recreation Commission

Andrew Cota, Chairman meddvcc1.jpg

James Butler Sr. - BOAT
John Bittmann

Salvatore Frosceno
Beverly Moran
Ron Sill
Bruce Sill

Invited Non-Voting Participants
Dennis O'Connell - Recreation Director
Matthew Bradshaw - Athletic Director Derby High School

Veterans Memorial Community Center

§ 7-18.  Activities

The  activities  carried on in the Veterans Memorial Community Center located at Fifth  and Olivia  Streets shall here after be conducted  and  supervised by the Parks and Recreation Comnrission acting by and though the Parks and Recreation Director.

Parks & Recreation Commission

§ 7-81.  3 year term, Appointed by Mayor and Approved by the Board Of Alderman
(7) members, no more than 5 from the same party

  • Recreation Director, Athletic Director DHS shall serve as ex officio mbrs w/no voting rights
  • 1 member from BOAT (term concurrent w/BOAT term)
  • 1 member shall be a V etern who resides in Derby
  • 1 member from BOAT (concurrent w/BOAT   term)
  • Successors are a 3 Year term.